The majority of students do not drink alcohol, use drugs, or engage in other risky behavior. Give voice to this majority by starting a movement and creating positive rights of passage.

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Many parents and caregivers worry that talking to their children about high-risk behavior will introduce them to new ideas or damage their innocence. More and more young people are introduced to risky things at earlier ages. Do you want them to find out about them via the internet or a friend at school? Be the one who informs and empowers kids to protect their growing brain!

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Create a welcoming, nonjudgmental space where students can connect, bond, and find support. Campuses that are aware and support student wellness issues help increase academic performance, retention, and graduation rates.

Youth Support Organizations

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Inspire health, wellness, and prosocial activities that keep young people's brains and body growing to their full potential. Get ideas with the links in this section.

music video contest

Be a Positive Peer Influencer and create a music video for 'Turn Away' to enter the Music Video Contest for a chance to win $1000!  Submission deadline August 1, 2024.

Youth Support Organizations


Know Your Neuro interns get the opportunity to create programming that will have an impact on their community as well as other students around the nation. Interns decide on the project that most interests them.

Youth Support Organizations

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Find out who is using and getting trained in teaching the neurodevelopmental effects of high-risk behavior.

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Find out what prevention activities are happening and get suggestions for things to do!

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If you need help and are under the age of 18, reach out to a trusted adult, such as a counselor, a parent, a teacher, or a coach. Finding assistance and the best-fit resources in your community is priority. To book Dr. Crystal Collier to present at your school, parent organization, or in your community, please contact us!

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