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One out of every five teens and young adults is affected by mental illness, especially by mood and anxiety disorders. Mental health issues may be temporary responses to events or crises, while others may become chronic conditions. Early identification and treatment are key to healthy adaptation and coping.

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Mental Health is committed to creating and delivering the highest quality mental health literacy information, research, education and resources. 

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Use Here to Help's completely anonymous online screening for depression with printable results.

Use Here to Help's completely anonymous online screening for anxiety with printable results.


Find a Depression & Bipolar Support Allicance peer-run support group in your community or online.

Get straightforward reliable information about mental health medication from Young Minds.

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If you need help and are under the age of 18, reach out to a trusted adult, such as a counselor, a parent, a teacher, or a coach. Finding assistance and the best-fit resources in your community is priority. To book Dr. Crystal Collier to present at your school, parent organization, or in your community, please contact us!

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